Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ideas Keep Coming In

Free Crochet Basket Pattern, Handmade basket

I just have this itch to start a new project before finishing the previous one. There are so many ideas coming in my mind, my physical hands cannot seem to catch up...

And there is this basket that I wanted to make so badly yesterday, but I did not have the right yarn, or in this case, something more sturdy. So, today I went out to a stationary shop to buy some cotton string, the one where we use to tie a parcel, and started crocheting. It is not easy for me, fingers were sore and have to stop before it gets worst. Now it is halfway through, sitting on the living room table. Hope to finish this up soon before another new idea comes into mind. Will post up photos of the basket once it is done! 

*Update: Photos of finished basket and FREE pattern posted here.  

1 comment:

  1. I recently started crocheting baskets and really love the nice crisp transition you achieved from bottom to sides. Please share how you accomplished that. Thanks for your blog; your work is beautiful and your writing is so honest.


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