Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crochet Shopping Mesh Bag and Tips on Adding Picot Stitch

Howsanne handmade crochet 100% cotton bag

I was having one of those days, where I just need to pick up the hook, pick up some yellow cotton yarn from the stash and crochet something. I was looking through some crochet books to get some ideas and this is the bag I decided to make.

Turns out quite pretty, the bag actually stretches out quite a lot, expandable especially when... 

Howsanne handmade crochet 100% cotton bag

it is filled with things. As you can see in the photos, I filled it with balls of yarns. It looks like yarns (instead of fishes) caught in the net! haha. Absolutely love the picot stitch. So maybe if next time you are planning to do mesh stitch (diamond), remember to put in some picot, gives your work more dimension and looks amazing. 

Tips on how to add picot into mesh stitch?

Easy, what I did was just ch4, do a picot (ch3, sl st into 1st ch), sc into space of the previous row, and rep.

I hope this is a good tip for you. 

Howsanne handmade crochet 100% cotton bag
Crochet picot stitch in diamond mesh stitch

Well, this lovely bag is for sale, if you like to purchase, you can email or message me. You could use this bag as a shopping bag for something preferably light. Perhaps for grocery shopping. Or a beach bag. You can fold it to fit in a purse easily and take it out later for use.

Howsanne handmade crochet 100% cotton bag

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