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Tutorial: How To Crochet A Magic Ring

Howsanne Handmade Crochet magic circle step-by-step instruction with photo guide

What is a crochet magic ring? A magic ring is an adjustable starting round. Usually it is used during the start of a crochet project worked in rounds and produces a small neatly closed hole in the center. It is also sometimes referred to as a magic circle or a magic loop.

How to crochet a magic ring? There are many different ways to make but I will show you how I usually make my magic ring. Here is the step-by-step guide and some useful tips included.   


Step 1: With the fingers, make a loop (or 2 loops if you want your project more sturdy) with the yarn leaving the tail around a few centimeters long. Let the tail end be at the bottom. 

Tips: I find it easier to hold the loop by pinching the yarn where the two yarns cross and transferring it to the other finger. Once you're familiar with this step, you can leave a shorter tail and preventing having too much scrap yarns. 

First step pictorial guide on how to crochet a magic circle, ring or loop
Howsanne Handmade Crochet magic ring tutorial

Step 2: Insert hook into the loop, yo and pull the yarn through the loop, forming a chain-like loop on the hook. yo again and pull through loop on the hook. This is considered 1 chain stitch (ch 1), which is a turning stitch, eg. make ch 1 for sc stitch, ch 2 for hdc stitch, ch 3 for dc stitch and so forth.  

Step 3: Continue with the number of stitches required over both the loop together with the tail end. This will be the 1st round of the crochet project. For this example, 8 sc into loop. 

Step 4: Once done with the desired stitches, simply just pull the tail end of the yarn to close up the loop into a neat hole. 

Step 5: End it with the usual sl st. 

Howsanne Handmade Crochet Tutorial Magic Ring

Tips: The magic ring is the circle symbol '' if you read the crochet charts. Example: 

Tutorial and tips for crochet magic circle, ring or loop

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