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Hi! My name is Jo Anne, some people call me Jo, some call me Anne. I am 34 years young, self-employed entrepreneur, eccentric crocheter, wife to a wonderful husband, mother to a beautiful baby boy, and living in Kuala Lumpur. I left my job as a quality manager in year 2011 to pursue a life that is more spiritual, calm and peaceful. Slowly, creativeness creeps into my life. You would not believe me, if I tell you I am from a science background, having a degree in chemistry and biology. Yes, and I am now designing and doing crocheting work along with the best talented crochet team mate who is my mom. 

Howsanne Handmade Crochet

This is a blog about the things that inspire me. It is also a place for me to share life experiences and my work projects which is mainly on crochet and handmade craft. I hope that you find something in here that inspire you too.

All photographs are taken by me and the images used from elsewhere will be credited on the photo.

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Thank you for visiting!

"Live, learn and laugh along the way" 

Updated on 28th December 2016.

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