Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Hearts

Handmade colourful hearts

Friends are asking me to make something for them but I don't know what to make. So I decided to turn to the internet and search for ideas. This is what I found...

I came across this site Little Birdie Secrets. There is a simple pattern and also a video tutorial that teaches how to make tiny little hearts.

Here are some of the hearts I have made. Aren't they lovely?

Handmade colourful hearts

I made some changes and started off with a magic ring instead. I feel it is easier to adjust the center ring later. Here I used two different colour embroidery thread together to make the little hearts. To make a bunting, make a simple long ch and sc in the little hearts at the top part of the heart. Here I spaced them at every ch15.

Handmade colourful hearts

This one in particular is for a girlfriend staying in Singapore. Just mailed it out 2 days ago. Imagine, this lovely bunting taking an adventure ride all the way from Malaysia. Hope it reaches there safely. I'm gonna make some more for another girlfriend... hehe... can't wait to finish 'em!


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