Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crochet Patterns: Written or Chart?

Crochet Pattern and Chart

There are 2 ways of reading a crochet pattern. 

Written and chart. Which do you use?

I find both interesting. Many self taught crochet beginner, will start with written pattern. It will definitely help to learn the basics with the very elaborative explanations. But then later finds out that there are a whole lot of patterns in charts, and then learning it again on how to...

read the symbols.

I started crocheting with a chart when I was younger, that is because I was lucky to have my mom translate the symbols to me verbally and showing it to me practically. Seriously, with charts, you can do endless patterns (in just one page) without a headache. It is so fast and easy! Charts have the ability to cross language barriers, allowing us to enjoy the creativity with those whom our only common language is of crochet craft :)

So I will recommend any beginners to begin with charts, and cut straight to the charts.

Some pretty charts as examples.

Crochet Pattern and Chart

Crochet Pattern and Chart

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