Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crochet Sofa Pillow Cover Decor

Throw Pillow Decor

I have done another home project, that is crocheting a sofa pillow cover decor. Crocheting thin black crochet thread is never easy. I have to sit by the window, or have a bright light on my work, to keep me going without having to guess which stitch to put my hook into. I understand now why most crocheters avoid crocheting black at all times. Haha. But the result of a black crochet is always timeless and beautiful. Click 'read more' for more photos...

Time to rest my eyes... Maybe next time I will get white thread instead. Some photos on my project, for your eyes only. 

Throw Pillow Decor

Throw Pillow Decor

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