Sunday, November 1, 2015

Red Lacy Crochet Dress and Baby on The Way

Maternity photoshoot at 39 weeks pregnancy belly

I was working on this red lacy crochet dress for a very long time, since the beginning of the year. Apart from this I was also working on the other many projects that came by at the same time or along the way.

With this piece, I really took...

Howsanne handmade crochet maternity dress work in progress

my time, 9 long slow and steady months to make and would be by far the most special piece of work/art I have undertaken. The whole process is as long as my pregnancy journey and what better way to end it with a maternity photoshoot.  

Howsanne handmade red lacy crochet dress

In the photo I am 39 weeks pregnant and expecting soon early this November. Yay! This would be my first and I am abit nervous now that it is almost the end of my pregnancy journey. It is pretty nerve wrecking yet exciting waiting for the arrival of the baby. 

My whole pregnancy journey, was an up and down, like any other. But it was pretty positive most of the time apart from the bad morning sickness during the first trimester. As sudden as it started, it stops completely at about Week 14, then I felt normal with a burst of energy. I feel blessed not having any back pain or whatsoever.

I am cherishing every moment with baby inside...

Going to miss baby's many little hiccups soon... 

Hopefully, more updates here after baby's arrival. In the meantime, happy crocheting to all crocheters out there! 

Howsanne Handmade Crochet

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