Saturday, November 2, 2013

10 Characteristics of Scandinavian Interior

Studio apartment in Linnéstaden with balcony
image via homdit

I have been so inspired with all the Scandinavian styled homes. I love the simplicity of it and the excessive white and grey colours that are usually the theme in these styled home. Just can't help but to delve myself into the photos and feel the comfort of being in one of these homes. The 10 characteristics of Scandinavian homes that I noticed are...

1. Colour palette of lots of whites and greys, which is so calming and peaceful in a way.

2. Have large bright windows, usually up to the ceiling, with a little ledge at the bottom to place plant pots, deco etc.

3. Minimal furnitures and items, simple yet functional.

4. Sans blinds or curtains, letting more natural lights in.

5. Open to alternative ideas instead of conventional ones, such as, using chairs as bedside table, or using anything but a table as bedside tables. 

6. Using stacks of books and magazines as tables, some serve as table legs.

7. Having a compact yet interesting work area. 

8. Have small build up space and small lovely balconies.

9. Hanging photos with motivational quotes, or photo collage on wall, using washi tapes/masking tapes to hold in place and it is usually in black and white.

10. Have at least one IKEA item which you can find from the catalogue.

Grey and white inspiration bedroom
image via my scandinavian home Pinterest

image via The Style Files

image via Laura van B. Pinterest

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