Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Alphabet Bunting Made with Kraft Paper, 5 Easy Steps

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Happy New Year 2014! I know I am a bit late and it is almost the last week of January now. How is everyone's new year so far? I have been too busy lately, I am lagging. I have not posted anything last month. I know, I should... 

Remember our last year's photoshoot? Here is the post. We had so much fun the last time taking photos together that we just have to make another photoshoot this year.

This year I decided to make a kraft paper bunting of...

the letters HAPPY NEW YEAR to hang on the bedroom wall. It is kind of fun making it, rather a fast and crafty DIY project too. 

This is what I did in 5 easy steps.

The making of Happy New Year alphabet bunting: 

Here is what you need:


1. Kraft paper
2. Scissors / Cutter
3. Ruler
4. Glue
5. Needle
6. Thread / String
7. Tape


Step 1
Cut out strips of kraft paper in equal size and arrange them to form alphabets. Long rectangulars at 14cm x 2.5cm for the longer side of the alphabet and short rectangulars at 7cm x 2.5cm for the shorter side of the alphabet. 

Step 2
Arrange, adjust and glue them together to form alphabets. Just make sure a little glue is enough, just to hold the strips in place. It is okay if the alphabets are not looking all perfect. A little imperfection is what makes it interesting. 

Make sure the glue is dry enough before proceeding. If glue stick type is used, then it should be okay. This is to make sure that the alphabets do not curl in the next step. 

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Step 3
Then sew in and join the alphabets with a thread to make a bunting for hanging. Use a thread/string that is thicker and heavier than normal sewing thread so that it hangs more fluidly. For me, I used my leftovers of white crochet thread #20. 

Step 4
Separate out the alphabets equally. 

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Step 5
Tie and hang the bunting. Good if you have something to tie on but for me, there is nothing to tie the bunting on. It is just a plain normal flat wall. Nails will leave the wall damage with holes and I do not like the idea except if I want it permanent. So I just use transparent tape to stick the bunting (thread/string) to the wall and the parts where I want it to hold up into an arch. 

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Eclectic bedroom with simple DIY backdrop

There you go, our Happy New Year 2014 photoshoot setting with kraft paper alphabet bunting hanging on the wall. If you are feeling a little crafty, you can do the same to your walls too! With any words you like. 

Yep, there is my husband, with the dymo led torchlight. I have no idea what is he up to. Anyway, let us welcome the new year full of things that have never been! 

Wishing you and everyone a very Happy New Year 2014! Cheers! 

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

Howsanne DIY tutorial alphabet bunting

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